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  • Where to Use Keywords To Gain More Traffic

    Posted on September 20th, 2012 jean 5 comments

    I’ve shared some simple, basic, super-easy tips on how to increase the ranking of your blog in search engines (SEO tips for writers who could care less about the magic that happens behind the scenes) over on From The Write Angle today. Since I had a ton to share and the tip cup runneth over, this post is sort of the bonus features on the SEO DVD. I’m going to make you a SEO expert lickety split.

    I promised to touch upon how photos and video can help increase your blog’s SEO as well as a bit more on keyword usage. If you haven’t read the From the Write Angle Post yet, you might want to start there. Then again, you might want to dive right into this stuff. Your call. I’ll be here.


    Screenshot of Google Keyword Tool in action

    A visual preview of what’s going on in my From the Write Angle post. I’ll share tools and tips! You don’t want to miss it.


    Where to Use Keywords for SEO

    • Use several keywords on your site when appropriate. People have different ways of phrasing the same thing–try to work the variety in if you can.
    • Headings. Search engines like headings. Place keywords there when you can.
    • Use your keywords in the FIRST SENTENCE of your post if you can swing it–the first paragraph if not–and again in closing when you can.
    • Use keywords in your image descriptions. Tag them. Use alt text. Keywords are your friend. You’ll be amazed what image searches can do for your stats. (I had one day on my It’s All Kid’s Play blog not too long ago where one image received 500 hits. It was a fluke, but one I am happy with–now to repeat that!) Just make sure your images are copyright safe, okay?
    • Links should have keywords. I know I haven’t been great at this in this post–but if you can, have the linked text be describing. For example: To learn more about SEO for blogs, pop over to From the Write Angle today. That right there, was using a keyword phrase in the link. Better than linking the word “click here.”
    • Use keywords in your post title. There is a reason this post is not called “Get Your Geek On.” The trick though is balancing that title with something interesting and intriguing and SEO friendly.
    • ┬áVideos. Google apparently looooves videos. So if you have a video on your blog, make sure you use good keywords to describe it, keywords in its title, etc. Embed those videos in your blog and get folks to subscribe to your channel if you post them on YouTube. (Ask them to subscribe right at the end of your video! And don’t forget a link to your blog.) Google likes subscribers. (Did you know videos are 50% more likely to hit the first page in Google? Weird huh?) Oh, and videos make people stay longer on your site… and if you read the From the Write Angle article… you’ll know that means a boost in your site’s ranking in the eyes of search engines.

    Rule of Thumb: Use GOOD keywords that apply to your content. Don’t overuse them. Write good tags, good summaries, and good headlines that make use of keywords. But, make it interesting. And since you guys are writers, I know you’ll do well!

    So? What do you think? What has helped you gain traffic to your site? Or is it all still a fuzzy mystery?

    Further reading on this blog: 4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog’s SEO (More on keywords, slugs/permalinks, nofollow attributes, and pictures.) Quick and Dirty Social Media for Writers: SEO (Lots of quick tips to get your motor primed and ready.)