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  • Celebrate the End of the World With a Free Book (Giveaway) – The Fall: Tales From the Apocalypse

    Posted on December 21st, 2012 jean 28 comments

    It’s the end of the world.


    It’s like a locker combination. A locker combination to doomsday.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever, right? I’m going to an end of the world party tonight to enjoy my last moments on earth… but in the meantime I had an idea.

    Celebrate the end of the world--death of a plant

    And yes, this plant started it all last Friday.

    And then (FINALLY!!) on Wednesday night (two days ago) these arrived at the local postal outlet:

    The Fall: Tales from the Apocalypse print copies

    Want one?

    It’s easy. Really, really easy.

    As a thank you for reading my blog (even if you are new around these parts) I’d like to give one lucky reader (oh, okay two lucky readers–why not? The world is ending I can afford to be generous.) a copy of The Fall: Tales From the Apocalypse. Either ebook or a print copy–your choice.* If you want to more than double your chances, check out Judy Croome’s Goodreads giveaway of The Fall: Tales From the Apocalypse. She is giving away 20 copies! Whoa!

    What do you have to do? How many hoops do you have to jump through?


    Just leave a comment–even if it as simple as saying “count me in.” Be sure to leave your email address in the comment’s sign in box thingy so I can contact you if you win. (That way you don’t have to keep checking back–or better yet, subscribe on the right to the blog so my posts come right to your inbox. I’ll be posting the winner(s) on Saturday, the 22nd.)

    Since the world is ending today, let’s leave this book giveaway open until midnight tonight, End of the World Friday, December 21, 2012.

    And if the world really does end, well dang! I guess that’s it. It’s been nice knowing you and thanks for reading.

     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

    What is The Fall about?

    (14 short stories by 13 authors.)

    What would the end of the world look like?

    What would end our civilization?

    Would it be a dark and scary place or would it be full of hope? (Hint: It is the latter of the two.)

    Find out in The Fall: Tales From the Apocalypse

     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

    P.S. Curious about The Fall: Tales From the Apocalypse? You can buy copies on (print) or ebook as well as on ($2.88 for ebook). Proceeds go to charity. If you have already read it we would LOVE it if you dropped a review–even just a line or two–on your favourite online site whether your blog, Goodreads, Amazon, Kobo, or… where ever! Thanks!

    * I am willing to send the ebook version anywhere in the world, but I ask that since this is a charitable project–all proceeds from the book go to charity–and I, like the other contributing authors, donated my story, Crumbs, to The Fall (as well as at least 80 hours editing the anthology) that only American or Canadian addresses request a print version as the shipping elsewhere will kill me! Er… no pun intended. Tee, hee.