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  • How Authors And Writers Can Use Social Media For Promotion

    Posted on February 8th, 2012 jean No comments

    I’m reading Chris Brogan‘s book, Social Media 101, at the moment and I came across a great blog post of his while surfing the net. It’s a fantastic list of things authors or writers can do to use social media to their benefit while promoting themselves or their books–without being annoying.

    It is a must read article. Here are a few appetizers from his list before I send you to his blog for the full course:

    Start an email newsletter. It’s amazing how much MORE responsive email lists are than any other online medium.

    Seriously, I did not know that. Yet, I almost always read the newsletters that come in from authors, etc. Makes sense to create one, doesn’t it?

    When people talk about your book, good or bad, thank them with a reply. Connect to people frequently. It’s amazing how many authors I rave about on Twitter and how few actually respond. Mind you, the BIGGEST authors always respond (paradox?)

    I love it when authors reply to my tweets about their books and feel greatly disappointed when they don’t reply. I LOVE twitter for giving a little shout out to published authors. (I can’t wait to be on the other side of that tweet and make some connections and new friends!)

    That’s a little sample of Brogan’s smorg list of 21 tips. Here’s the link to the full article.


    And if you have some tips or ideas that you think would rock the social media world, feel free to shoot them into the comment section.

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